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Autism and how it relates to social learning theory

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Autism and how it relates to social learning theory

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Autism And How it Relates To Social Learning Theory
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Autism is a highly convoluted disorder that has a significant impact on the child’s communication skills, social skills and hinders a kid’s interest and activities (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). For a child to be diagnosed with this condition, he/she must demonstrate six characteristics that have been grouped into three primary categories. These three categories are communication impairment, social impairment and stereotyped behavior pattern (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Albert Bandura codified the Social Learning Theory, which entails traditional learning theory process mashed up with B.F. Skinner’s operant conditions. Moreover, it incorporates the cognitive learning theory that states that physiological factors significantly influences learning. Social learning theory consists of four primary functions, observational learning, modeling process, Autistic students can be treated with the tints of Social Learning Theory, which include social initiating, direct instruction, and modeling. The paper herein will utilize the following four peer-reviewed articles to demonstrate their effectiveness about autism.
Battaglia & Radley (2014), studied the effectiveness of video modeling and peer-mediated social skills intervention for kids with autism. From this study, they discovered that school personnel should possess adequate knowledge of the best programs a…

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