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Australia’s nuclear power in comparison with the United States nuclear power

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The Use of Nuclear Power in Australia and the United States: A Comparison
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Before starting this essay, it is important to shed some light over how nuclear power became an important part of the Australia’s way of life. Australia’s approach to nuclear energy started in 1953 when the Parliament passed the Atomic Energy Act (WNA, 2015). This bill established the Australian Atomic Energy Commission. The history of the use of nuclear power in Australia is rather recent. In 1958, Australia opened its first –and only- a nuclear reactor in Sydney. Lucas Heights’s reactor is a fission reactor whose primary use was to research, and study the ways the energy could be implemented in the country. (NFSA, 2015).
According to the World Nuclear Association (WNA, 2010), there are six types of nuclear reactors functioning in the world. Boiling Water Reactor; Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor; Gas Cooled Reactor; Light Water Graphite Reactor; Fast Breeder Reactor; High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor. (WNA, 2010).
Nuclear Power Industry in Australia
I. Advantages.
Australia has the largest uranium resources in the world, approximately 31% of the world’s reserves. This and the fact that the country has a significant infrastructure to support further nuclear programs could place Australia among the greatest users of nuclear power in the world. In the same way, the Australian Nuclear Science and Techn…

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