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Children activities Title Institutional affiliations Date Middle Childhood (6-8 years of age) Children within this age bracket have many changes which are going on in their lives. By this age children can do some of the things by themselves such as ties shoes and dressing. Most children in this age bracket can have begun school which makes them interact with children from the outside world creating friendships with other children. Social skills develop at this age so quickly, and children will try to engage in some of this activity which is fun to them. At middle childhood children develop, social changes, learning and thinking, and parents should understand their kids well at this critical stage of...

Discussion Week 1

Discussion Week 1 Author's Name Astronomy (and other Space Sciences) 1) When looking at the night sky, you can see the light of different stars. If one star looks brighter than another, is it necessarily brighter? Explain. No, simply put comparing the apparent magnitude of two stars is not the same as comparing their luminosity. The star that appears brighter certainly could be brighter. However, this is not enough information on its own. The observed brightness of a star or any light is inversely proportional to the square of its distance. In other words, if you observe a light from a certain distance and then move twice as far away the light will appear four times as dim. This means that...

Night Sky Observations

Night Sky Observations Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Observed item Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 The Moon and its phases Waning gibbous, lunar mare, craters mountainous regions clearly seen, average distance from earth is 400,583 km, moonrise was between 00:00 hours to 01:00 hours Waning crescent, lunar mare and mountainous regions disappear as days go by, craters cannot be seen, average distance from earth is 396,170 km, moonrise was between03:00 hours to 07:00 hours Waxing crescent, lunar mare, mountainous regions and craters start appearing as days go by, average distance from earth is 375,002 km, moonrise was between 08:00 hours to 12:00 hours Waxing gibbous, lunar mares,...

Astronomy and other space sciences

Astronomy and other space sciences Question 1 The composition of the solar system is the sun and the planets. The following observation were made to show how the sun and the planets were formed separately and synchronized to form the solar system as shown by Hofmeister & Criss (2012). The nebula meaning clouds and dust was observed to have undergone various transformation to create the sun and later the planets. The dust is warm formed of molecule and hydrocarbons as revealed by a study of the Orion Nebula. A dense cloud has gravity and is forced to flop onto itself. The solar system is believed to have originated from a collapsed cloud that could have been one million times larger than the...

Discussion 2

Astronomy Discussion Name Institution of Affiliation Date Question 1 The fuel for controlled nuclear fusion, which has not been achieved on Earth, is hydrogen; the fuel for nuclear fission (which we currently utilize in power production) is uranium. Why would it be preferable to use nuclear fusion over nuclear fission?There is rapid depletion of fossil fuels in today's world. Nuclear energy, therefore, needs to be produced in a conservative manner while considering future generations. Nuclear fission involves division of a substantial atom into two or more portions while nuclear fusion consists of a bombardment of hydrogen atoms to form helium (Breithaupt, 2001). Nuclear fusion has...

Basics of Astronomy Worksheet

Understanding the origin of the earth Affiliated Institution Students Name Date Due Term or Concept Definition and explanation The Universe What is Earth’s Sun, and what is its role in the solar system? What are the Milky Way galaxy and the sun’s position in it? What is the Big Bang, and what does it say about the age of the universe? What is meant by the phrase “looking out in the world is looking back in time?” The sun is a big star that is found in the center of the solar system and is responsible for weather and the climate changes (Edgeworth, 1949). Additionally, the sun provides light to the planets that are necessary for survival. The milky way is the name that is given...

study of drought conditions in Adams county NE (2012) compared to 2011

DROUGHT CONDITIONS IN ADAMS COUNTY 2012 COMPARED TO 2011 Name Institution Study of drought conditions in Adams County NE (2012) compared to 2011 Introduction This paper entails an assessment of the drought conditions in the Adams County, Nebraska State in the US. It occurred after the devastating floods in the Midwest. The paper covers the background of the state and calamity, the problems and objectives. It also addresses the data used, method and classification. Results and discussions regarding the calamity are also covered. Drought is defined as the lack of precipitation over a long period, normally more than a season. In consideration of the history, droughts cannot be avoided as...