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Significance of Clearly Articulating Assumptions that Affect a Research Problem
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Significance of Clearly Articulating Assumptions that Affect a Research Problem
It is essential for the researcher to convey assumptions inspiring a research problem. The postulations guide the development of study questions as well as the formation of propositions and the unraveling of data. Articulating the assumption helps the reader in assessing the qualities of the research and the inferences from it. Therefore, the postulations have to be clear and concise because the reader should be able to comprehend the problem as well as objectives of the study (O’Leary, 2017). In a case where the assumptions are not clear, the research can be confusing to the person reading it. Therefore, it is essential to offer a clear explanation of assumptions affecting a research problem so that the reader can relate to the significance of the study.
Additionally, articulating the postulations influencing a research problem can be beneficial to the writer. It is essential that the researcher is knowledgeable of his or her assumptions. The flow of the study depends on the writer’s ability to understand the factors impacting on the research. Therefore, the researcher should have clear and concise postulations so that he or she can integrate them into the study design and enhance the validity of the inferences drawn from it. In any study, the assumptions guide the…

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