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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nutrition and Diet

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Nutrition Case Study
What signs is baby Samantha giving to show that she needs to be comforted rather than fed?
First, when Kathy gets from the daycare, she always wants to be held by her mother. She never wants to sit on her own on the high chair or eat dinner.
Second, Samantha resorts to crying when she is not held by her mother.
How might Kathy change her routine to give baby Samantha more attention and also meet the needs of her older daughter?
The first routine Kathy can alter is that of the number of times that she nurses Samantha. She needs to take breaks from work and go to the daycare to breastfeed Samantha. She also needs to change the time that she comes back home from work. Kathy should strive and ensure that she reports early from work in order to spend more time with Samantha. Reporting early from work would also enable her to prepare food for her 3-year old daughter in time. In short, proper time management and increased nursing hours would help Kathy to fend for her daughters adequately.
At 8 months, is Samantha too young to overeat due to unmet emotional needs? Why?
Indeed at 8 months baby, Samantha is too young to overeat, especially due to the unmet emotional needs. Her mother is mostly away at work and for a young baby to eat regularly she requires maternal attachment with the feeder. She has to be close to her mother in order to feel safe. Emotional attachment is also instilled by the processes of breastfeedin…

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