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Assignment 6: Meeting Email

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Assignment 6: Meeting Email

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Music

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Date: 1 Aug 2018, 21:56
Hello Sir,
I am writing this email as a follow up to the meeting regarding the iPhone x and its effectiveness to my sales team. I was impressed by the facetime powered audio and video calling capabilities and the convenience and face recognition. Moreover, I was impressed by the vast array of sensors available through the phone such as the barometer and find my phone enabler, which comes in handy when allocating working spaces for different personnel.
However, I have a few concerns over the phone’s adaptability and compatibility with hearing aids and processors of sound given our sales team has an all-inclusive approach. I am also concerned with the availability and price of hearing aids compatible with iOS and Bluetooth devices. Does the phone also have other specialized features to aid the hearing and listening impaired?
I would also like to know if the iPhone X has browsers fit for salespersons. I would prefer a phone that has a feature that allows a salesperson to be in control of their sales cycle by keeping track and giving instantaneous updates. Does the phone also have effective 4k video conferencing capabilities that will enable the team to conduct sales meetings over long distances?
I would appreciate your professional feedback and view on the matters I brought up. I would also appreciate your opinion on the be…

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