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Assignemnts 5 – 6 ORG

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Assignemnts 5 – 6 ORG

Category: Common App Essay

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Leadership and Hofstede’s Five Dimensions
Globally, an increase in technology has brought people together; to a situation of, people of different culture find themselves together and communicating more. The Hofstede’s research gives a clear thread of similarity and differences among the responses of the five dimensions. In his study, he used IBM only, which permitted him to feature the trends to national differences in cultural, mainly getting rid of the problem of differences in organization culture. The first research Hofstede did, gave the assumption that domestic population if full similar, but in reality nation can be formed from a variety of cultural groups. In the second research, he took the country as a unit of study, most of the researchers who believe that cultures are not enclosed by national borders, disapproved of him. The five dimensions are as follows (Lussier,2015).
Power distance: power distance relates to the level of fairness and unfairness between people in an individual culture. An organization with a higher power distance attain both accept and effect variation among people. Such culture follows the a class system and it upward mobility if moderate, limited power distance show that the culture does not emphasize differences in people status, power, and riches.
Long-term orientation: This dimension is used to deal with virtue in spite of the truth. Values related to long-term oriented dimension are thrift and insiste…

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