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Assessment and Case Planning

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Assessment and Case Planning

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Social Work

Level: College

Pages: 6

Words: 1650


Assessment and Case Planning
This paper focuses on the cognitive behavior, and its main objective is to develop a cognitive behavior therapy. It could include acceptance of one’s’ cultural beliefs, environmental changes that must be embraced to prevent the experience of cultural oppression, cultural strength, and support, support of respectful cultural behaviors the can help build. The clients therapeutically relationship, the use of a language that is relevant to a client culture will also be required in cultural behavior the therapy. Accepting the client’s cultural belief will also be important. Therefore to address the mental disorders about cognitive behaviors is highly linked to improving the patients’ relationship, offering social support, distracting the patient’s problems, self-care activities that include emotional, spiritual and physical strength among other. This paper, therefore, shall focus on a teenager who experiences these challenges. The challenges will be linked to his environment and the social challenges that he experiences both at home and social institutions.
The name of the client is Melissa (Missi) Lightfoot. She is 15 years old, she is and Indian, her culture is the among the oldest in the world and many writers describe it as “Sa PrathamaSankskratiVishvavara” which is the superior culture according to AWGP organization many western countries consider the Indian cultu…

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