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Aspects of Human Sexuality

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Aspects of Human Sexuality

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Aspects of Human Sexuality

Aspects of Human SexualityConducting human sexuality research is a critical step especially when it applies to the youth. Sex plays an essential universal role in the social and personal lives of individuals. In my perspective, the scientific research on sex is crucial for reproductive health and the psychological well-being of humans. Most people in the society tend to feel ashamed about their sexual capacities, and this contributes to most researchers assuming the topic. Research on sexuality helps to eliminate the level of ignorance depicted in the society concerning the subject. Therefore, conducting human sexuality research is essential for practical and theoretical awareness.
The method used to collect the YRBSS data provided on the website is that of the questionnaire. This research instrument comprises of a set of questions, which help to obtain information from respondents. By adopting this method, the YRBSS self-administers its questionnaires amongst students or other potential participants (CDC 2017). When gathering such confidential and sensitive data, it is vital for researchers to observe various ethical considerations. For example, the investigators should ensure there is confidentiality and privacy of the information presented. It is also paramount to ensure that researchers maintain informed consent whereby the respondents take part in the questionnaire willingly without any form of coercion….

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