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As a white male living Maine how would my life be different if I was a minority race?

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As a white male living Maine how would my life be different if I was a minority race?

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If I were to be a Muslim woman living in Maine, I believe that my life would be different from how it is now. Muslims are a minority race in Maine, representing 10% of the total population in this northeastern most state in the U.S (Moore, 2014). Most Americans in the country would consider me as an outsider, hence getting suspicious of my motives and beliefs. Currently, American Muslims suffer racial injustice and inequality on all forms. I would feel as if America was not meant for us. Being a Muslim in America means that everyone tells you that the likelihoods of success are limited in the U.S. Being brought up in this hostile environment to their faith. This includes falling victims of police investigations, reporters asking irrelevant questions, and people believing that our veils promote extremism.
Trump’s negative attitude and policies against Muslims would also make other Americans living in Maine state view me as a terrorist and threat to their lives. As a woman, these experiences cause psychological, mental, and physical agony (Moore, 2014). Every Muslim is condemned to acts of terror. As other Muslims claim, I would also support their argument that Trump is unfriendly and mistaken for hating and despising our religion. It would be sad when every American perceived me as a group of terrorists and an ominous threat to the society. I would have to tolerate the unmistakable message to denounce terrorism and inju…

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