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Article Review

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Article Review

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Article Review

Article Review
Andrew Campbell and Marcus Alexander authored the article what’s wrong with strategy. The piece evaluates how planning frameworks fail most organization’s managers leading to disappointing outcomes.
Andrew and Marcus argue that most companies fail to distinguish between the constraints and the purpose of the organization (Campbell & Alexander, 1997). For instance, managers assume that satisfying shareholder is a strategy, but it’s a constraint to the organization. However, while pleasing the authors is a constraint, the authors note that companies that fail to impress the loyalty of their shareholders will fail in business.
Therefore managers need to understand the procedures for discovering and under-standing insights and only strategies can provide that. The article further states that the managers should differentiate ideas from planning since most managers develop companies’ insights while doing the initial work of running the business (Campbell & Alexander, 1997). On the contrary, planning involves fulfilling the insights, and therefore the ideas should come first.
According to the authors, ideas involve the material that helps in developing the objectives of the company (Campbell & Alexander, 1997). If strategists build their reasoning around insights, they discover the basis of the company’s objectives, and in this way, they align the strategies with the companies objectives putting the compa…

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