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Article Review

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Article Review

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Article Review
The purpose of the study is to investigate if resistance exercises during chemotherapy offer benefits to Quality of Life and fatigue beyond any psychological effects of interventions that are group based. It was important to conduct the study as there are numerous exercise interventions that have proven beneficial on Quality of Life and fatigue in regards to the cancer patient. However, despite the presence of these interventions, it is still not clear to what extent the resultant effect of the exercise interventions is founded on psychosocial factors which are often related with supervised group-based programs or rather a physical adoption. Therefore, the study was essential to determine the specific aspect of exercise programs that are undeniably effective. The study aimed at finding a clear distinction between the physiological and psychological effect in regards to exercise based intervention.
To conduct the study 101 breast cancer patients who were starting chemotherapy were randomly selected and were assigned to Relaxation Control Group or resistance exercise. The two interventions were under supervision and the key endpoint fatigue was evaluated with a multidimensional questioner that had twenty items, Quality of Life with the EORTC QLQ‐C30/BR23. To get the actual result examination of covariance for each distinct variations from baseline to the thirteenth week we calculated. In regards to Relaxation and Control G…

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