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Article Review

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Article Review: Job Interviewing Tips
George Linney, the vice president of Tayler & Company, presents tips for terrific interviews in this article. After reading the article, I have learned that most hiring companies fail to get qualified candidates due to various reasons such as failure to listen, maintain eye contact, arrogance, lack of enthusiasm, talkativeness, poor dress codes, and failure to answer questions appropriately. Linney advises candidates to ensure they wear conservative business attire, always give short but concise answers then pause to show that they have listened, and maintain eye contact at least 90% of the interviewing time (Linney 96). Importantly, I have also learned that candidates have to portray their best behavior during this time by using a polite but confident tone, sitting in a posture that encourages open communication, avoiding talking too much with the aim of impressing the interviewers, and showing enthusiasm by smiling and engaging the panel when necessary.
Linney also explains that a majority of candidates fail to pass interviews because they did not give appropriate answers to difficult questions (Linney 97). Some individuals are honest enough to admit that they do not have an answer to a particular question while others gaze blankly at the interviewers. He, therefore, suggests that people can avoid such uncomfortable situations by preparing and practicing enough f…

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