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article review

Category: Article Review

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Article Review
The story “Why Don’t We Complain” by William F. Buckley is an account of people’s lack of concern for vast situations. Buckley argues that American people would instead put up with inconveniences such as asking for a glass of juice several times in a plane or sitting in an awful heat in a bus or train, without complaining. He maintains that such habits are a result of laziness, and causes a vicious circle of unresponsiveness and political dictatorship. Buckley relates his own experiences with the complaints of the society and concludes that every person must make a complaint to achieve something. People must have a right to express themselves, which can eventually lead to a positive outcome.
The story gives a clear picture of how people are afraid to complain. Everyone wants someone else to complain on their behalf. Buckley explores the subject of how Americans are reluctant to resolve problems instead expect someone else to speak up. He narrates that he was on the train where the temperature was 85 degrees. Passengers experienced difficulties in breathing due to the abnormal heat but not anyone complained. “…we sweated, but we did not moan.”
I think the author pointed out how authoritarian governments infringe people’s rights. The author argues that our dependence on the government render us powerless. He says, “Every year, whether the Republican or the Democratic Party is in …

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