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Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Prevention Article Review
Title of study- Effectiveness of a Community Health worker Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program in Public Health and Health Care Settings.
Author of study- Krantz,M.J.,Coronel,S.M.,Whitley,E.M.,Dale,R.,Yost,J.,&Estacio,R.O.
Source of study-American Journal of Public Health.
Date of Publication- January 2013.
The basic issue addressed in this study was to determine the impact of a programme involving community health workers on the incidence and pattern of coronary heart disease in the community.
The study involves the use of Colorado Heart Healthy Solutions and included 34 Colorado counties and 22 community health workers (Krantz et al. 27). The scope of the study included evaluating the participant’s lifestyle, their willingness to make better lifestyle choices, creating a risk based algorithm that can propagate positive health, providing support to the participants and help them in dealing with hospitals and ensuring regular follow up. The entire data collected was evaluated for the period of 2010-1011 and assessment was done on basis of Framingham Risk Score. A software programme in form of Outreach Screening and Referral (OSCAR) was used to provide the technical help to CHW’s.
In this study the 10 year risk of developing CHD was determined by studying factors like age, gender, blood cholesterol…

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