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Category: Article Review

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Tale of Genji
Genji and Yugao are portrayed very much to be opposites. While Genji is more adventurous and assertive, Yugao is passive and deemed “childlike”. Genji has grown up in a noble setting and is a very confident young man. She is delicate and quiet, and she is easily frightened; she is an entirely different creature than that of noble women, and this is what attracts Genji so much.
Yugao’s death is shrouded in mystery. There’s no mention of blood, so it’s likely she died in her sleep due to a heart attack, seizure, or the like. Genji calls for help, calling it a strange seizure, though it’s unlikely he that actually knows what it was and what caused it. She died as quietly as she lived, and she likely accepted her own death as she accepted all hardships: placid and with only slight bewilderment.
Although not explicit, it can be inferred that the lady that came in the night was meant to resemble the Lady Rokujo. It seems that Rokujo is jealous of the simple girl beside him, and it is almost her spirit itself that shakes the girl awake. More likely though, it was Genji’s mind playing tricks on him, since Yugao is said to be trembling violently, which they assume to be her quite literally quaking with fear.
Genji’s reaction to Yogao’s death is very strong and strikes him hard. As a young man with high status, he hasn’t had to deal with strong em…

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