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Article Review

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Article Review

Melatonin for Insomnia Treatment
The authors of “The Efficacy of Oral Melatonin in Improving Sleep in Cancer Patients with Insomnia: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study,” Karudi et al., did deep research on Insomnia treatment in the published article from 2016. Lack of sleep in its ways gets the human body in a vulnerable state that could be the gateway for many diseases to attack it quickly (CitationKurdi & Muthukalai, 2016). In the article, Karudi et al., indicate that lack of sleep in cancer patients is much overlooked. In their research, they found Melatonin to solve the lack of sleep misery. Although they conducted numerous experiments on the subject, it would be difficult to rely on their information after admitting that they had no standardized technicality. It is yet to be known how the body hormone was harvested, having in mind that our body produces customized hormone particularly for itself.
Sleep Quality
The article “Sleep quality and quality of life in female shift-working nurses” was published in 2010. The author, Shao et al. conducted research and involved 435 Nurse from Taiwan hospitals. It is while at sleep that we humans get to balance our feelings and chemicals that caused it. The balanced aspect of it makes it possible for one to say they had a restful sleep. The finds of the article show that the night and days shift taken by the nurses are unhealthy and reduce the quality of life (Shao…

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