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[Malevich and the Russian Communism]
Undoubtedly, Malevich has risen to be one of the greatest Russian artists of his generation. At the beginning of his career, Malevich started developing his career around the Cubo-Futurism, a pictorial movement that adopted elements from the French Cubism and the Italian Futurism, creating a new form of expression that changed the rigid conventions of the cubism, adding movement to the paintings.

Kazimir Malevich The Knife Grinder (1912)
Hence, after this period of Cubist experimentation, Malevich starts exploring the pictorial mysticism, giving birth to a style he called Suprematism. The style abandoned figurative images and employed geometrical forms. According to Malevich’s 1915 manifesto From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism, “Color and texture are of the greatest value in painterly creation— they are the essence of painting, but this essence has always been killed by the subject” (Malevich 123). Coinciding with the beginning of the Russian revolution, Malevich’s work became part of the Russian communist rhetoric, employing his Suprematist ethics to support early communism. This essay shall address said relation, exploring how Suprematism and the Russian revolution were once intertwined and the relation the style had in the dawn of the Russian revolution.
Therefore, the painter considered that by intending to transmit the forms of the living, the artists were, in fact, d…

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