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Arrogance of power/American exceptionalism

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Arrogance of power/American exceptionalism

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Critical Evaluation of the Concept of Arrogance of Power
Nobody can deny that the United States of America (USA) is the world military, political, democratic and economic superpower. As a nation, USA has got sets of ideologies that are peculiar to its own. In its expansive history, the nation has been applying its American Exceptionalism ideologies in making important domestic and international decisions. This paper presents a critical analysis of these ideologies with references to Senator William Fullbright’s arguments in ‘On the Arrogance of Power.’
In the book ‘On the Arrogance of Power,’ Sen. Fulbright provides a comprehensive critique on American Exceptionalism. In his critique, Fulbright insinuates that the ideology has been misused on several occasions. Although he acknowledges that the strength of a nation comes with responsibilities, USA has not been using this power in an appropriate manner. It has been viewed as a divine gift to exercise political and military control over the world. This implies that the country has been trying to assert its strength to act as a perfect for all the other nations in the world. Hence, the country feels that it should be using excessive force to bring peace and democracy in the world.
As a conscious citizen, I would like to give openlygive my support to Fulbright. As a statesman, Fulbright was right for faulting the government of US for abusing its powers. It is true that the US is a ve…

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