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Argumentative essays revised

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Argumentative essays revised

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Anti-Abortion Laws Will Do More Harm Than Good
Abortion is the process where the foetus is removed from the womb before it can survive on its own – normally before 20 weeks. A miscarriage is a type of abortion where the foetus or embryo is spontaneously expelled from the womb unintentionally. This paper will discuss induced abortion, which is the type purposely done either medically or through surgery. The first law that legalized abortion was passed in 1973. The Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade case, ruled that the right of a woman to obtain an abortion must be considered against the interests of the state. Since then, about 53 million legal abortions have been done in the United States, with a peak in 1990. Since 2007, states have passed more than 250 new laws that strongly restrict a woman’s right to obtain an abortion. This means that the country is slowly crawling back to the era when the health of a woman was overlooked by state regulations. Abortion must remain legal without unnecessary state restrictions.
The passage of laws that are hostile towards abortion will increase the number of deaths due to unsafe abortions CITATION Had09 p 124 l 2057 (Haddad and Nour 124). Abortion is described as unsafe when it is performed by a person who lacks the necessary skills and in an environment without the required medical standards. According to the WHO, of the 40 million abortions obtained annually, 20 million are usually…

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