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Are there any difference between environmental ethics for humans and animals?

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Are there any difference between environmental ethics for humans and animals?
One of the most fundamental questions that can be asked in Environmental Ethics is if there exists a difference between the environmental ethics for humans and animals. If an individual’s answer is that human beings will perish if we do not limit our actions towards the environment, particularly nature, that that line of ethic is as ‘anthropocentric. This theory is interpreted to mean ‘human-centeredness,’ and in this sense, this ethics must be regarded as anthropocentric. What this means is that human beings are superior to nature and therefore, as long as anything they are doing id beneficial to them, even if it is detrimental to plants and animals, is right. The general history of Western philosophy is by this line of thinking. However, it has come under massive attack from a considerable number of environmental ethicists. These thinkers have those environmental ethics should go beyond humanity and should instead be extended to the non-human world. On the other hand, some have claimed that these environmental ethics should be extended to incorporate individual organisms, others to sentiment animals, and others to entities that are holistic such as ecosystems, species, and rivers. These two opposing views have been subject to a lot of debates, and that is why I chose this subject. The aim of this paper will be to evaluate these theories and establish if…

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