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Are men who have vasectomies at a greater risk for testicular cancer than those who don’t.

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Annotated Bibliographies: Are Men Who Undergo Vasectomy is at Increased Risk of Developing Testicular Cancer?
Vasectomy is the surgical process of male sterilization or permanent contraception. The procedure involves surgical incision of the vas deferens in the testis and ligating the same in such a way, so the sperm is prevented from entering into the semen. Unavailability of sperm in the semen will not cause any pregnancy risk in his female sexual partner because fertilization of ovum is only possible upon fusion with the sperm. The operative procedure takes nearly 30 minutes and may be performed in a physician’s chamber, without the need for hospital admission. Evidence suggests that pregnancy occurs in 0.07% of women whose male sexual partners underwent vasectomy6.
The procedure is normally very safe and effective; however, vasectomy failure may occur in 1-2% cases. The common complications of vasectomy include genito-urinary infection, haematoma, traumatic fistulae, post vasectomy pain, psychological effects and primary progressive aphasia9. The sperm gets deposited within the testis and gives rise to anti-sperm antibodies that cause deposition of immune-complexes6. However, such deposition of immune complexes does not increase the risk of atherosclerosis or heart disease.
On the other hand risk of testicular cancer and prostate cancer are evaluated in various studies and reports suggest that vasectomy does not impose the additional risk of testicula…

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