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Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

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Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

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Invasion or Protection?
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Invasion or Protection?
Today in the United States there is more controversy and distrust between law enforcement and citizens than ever before. Many law implementation specialists will let you know nothing beats having cops on the beat concerning battling wrongdoing. More often-on auto theft. Across the country, 44 people are assassinated every day, and 3,800 people are victims of violent crimes. Crime rates usually rise during a recession, and that is not the case now. Nationwide, violent crimes are down 5.5 percent. Murder rates have declined 7.2 percent, robbery 8.1 percent, motor vehicle theft down 17.2 percent (Moriarty 2010). I do not think that law enforcement cameras are an invasion of privacy, but protection. I think that these cameras protect both the officer and the person who is being recorded. Most law implementation pioneers and universal freedoms backers trust the cameras will help officers in light of the fact that the gadgets give them an approach to record occasions from their perspectives during an era when residents equipped with cellphones are viewing everything they might do. I believe that law enforcement and private business owners should have the right to have cameras placed everywhere, especially in supermarkets, small shops, as well as in public places, and in law enforcement vehicles. It helps proprietor to control the business and helps police discover or endeavor to find the indi…

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