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Persuasive Essay
The extent of plastic pollution in most of the nations of the world has been so great over the past centuries. As such, the cost that would be associated with the processes or initiatives by different agencies to completely remove the plastics from the environment would be too prohibitive to meet. The only way that would assist in the process of reducing the pollution by plastics is by ensuring that the amount of plastics that get to the environment are reduced. There are many ways of reducing the amount of plastic wastes that get disposed into the environment. The different ways of preventing plastic pollution are discussed within this paper. The solutions to the problem of plastic pollution, including proof of the feasibility of the solutions are included in the paper.
The first mechanism to reduce the amount of plastics that get disposed in the environment is by recycling the waste plastics to manufacture new products that are useful to the masses in one way or another. When the wastes are recycled, they are never disposed into the water bodies or the land masses. That prevents the pollution of the environment by the plastics. That has been practiced by adidas in Germany and the method helped a lot in the reduction of plastic wastes that are deposited in the ocean. The adidas company has been recycling waste plastics to make sports products that are useful and prevent the disposal of the wastes to on the land masses and the…

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