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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Architecture, Building and Planning First letter to a friend 709 Skylight Lane Whitestar Laysvillah, DE 4312 December 17th, 2015 Dear Wellington, It feels just a long time since when we last met. I know it has only been but several weeks since I saw you. So far my summer holiday has been superb, and I happen to have had a visit to Garden @Suzhou in China on a trip to Architecture, Building and Planning. My time at the Garden @Suzhou Chinese Gardens was the most memorable, I found it very natural and full of cool breeze. These Chine gardens are constructed to recreate and diminish larger and natural landscapes. These gardens have...

Neo Classicism

Comparison and Contrast: Villa Rotonda and Chiswick HouseAt a first glance, it becomes evident that Andrea Palladio’s architectural style revolutionized the way buildings were constructed in the early 18th century England. Consequently, Chiswick House can be regarded as a reinterpretation of Palladio’s work, yet purified of the excessively adorned Baroque style of Palladio’s original works. Hence, the Neo-Palladian Chiswick House can be regarded as a reinterpretation of Villa Rotonda, yet stripped to the essential elements of the classic Roman architecture, adding the Venetian twist of the Byzantine domes and windows. Therefore, on one hand we have Villa Rotonda, a villa designed to...

Sacred Structures and Profanity

Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Sacred structures and profanity The world we are living in today is much dynamic, with new inventions across all fields of the economy, such as technology and architecture, made daily. Architecture is a field that has grown with time. Modern architects consider postmodern buildings as related to a populist ethic. The tastes and preferences of consumers of buildings have also changed with time. Whereas modernism is based on minimizing the use of materials and absence of ornaments, postmodernism's exhibit rejection of rules set by modernists. Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) explained that all religion divides phenomenon or objects into profane or sacred. According to him,...

came up with new ideas to improve the project

Common prototype problems The final prototype incorporates the unique elements from every design by the different students, making it uniquely creative in design and working mechanism. However, this also opens it up to unique problems that might not necessarily be found in other conventional designs on the market. Here are a few tips on how to prevent some of the prototype’s common problems. Reducing instances of crankshaft breaking Reciprocating and rotating machinery such as the prototype in question often suffers torsional vibration that results in the crankshaft breaking. To prevent problems associated with torsional vibrations, it is important to calculate such elements as the torsional...

About building a project

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Building a Project The main aim of the project is to design a composting system that is unique. It thus requires a high-quality design that will make it unique and beneficial to the team. However, the team has decided to modify it in the form a round barrel, be a dark color as well having some holes to allow circulation of air. Before constructing the composter, the team took time as they accessed the common marketed composters. It has helped them to understand some of it features as well as their importance in the design. Thus, they compared the existing features and hence coming up with unusual features that will make their system more beneficial. Moreover, each...

architectural works comparison essay

Comparison between the Chrysler Building and the Chicago Merchandize Mart Student’s name Unit’s name Date The designers of the Chicago Merchandise Mart were Graham, White, Anderson, and Probst. The three architects are the chief designers of the building from the initial stage to the completion. On the contrary, the designer of the Chrysler building was initially William H. Reynolds, who sold the design to Walter P. Chrysler the implementer of the plan to the structure that is present in the modern world. Chrysler Building and the Chicago merchandise mart are two distinct constructions by two different artists. The Chicago Merchandise Mart is a building that has fifteen base storey and...