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Applying the Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism

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Applying the Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism

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Level: High School

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Applying Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism

Applying Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism
The article chosen is titled ACLU Distorts the Purpose of a Federal Effort to Protect Religious Liberty. This article was written by Margot Cleveland in 2018. The main theme of this article is religious freedom and the impact of the ACLU on Federal efforts geared towards achieving this liberty. The article begins with reaction to the recent constitution of an agency known as the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division by the Department of Health and Human Services. The central duty of this agency is enforcing Federal laws related to the protection of religious freedom and independence as well as conscience rights. The article then recounts some of the notable reactions to this move. It quotes Melling who argued that religious groups must also be bound by the laws of the nation (Cleveland, 2018). It is at this point that Cleveland then introduces the issue of ACLU’s moves, aimed at limiting the liberties of religions. For instance, the article points out that ACLU is on record for filing many lawsuits in the blatant attack on the accommodations of religions by the government. The most recent one is ACLU’s challenge to the religious exemption from birth-control requirements of Obamacare allowed by Donald Trump. ACLU also vehemently opposed the government grants to Catholic Bishops in the recent past. Therefore, the main argument presented b…

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