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applying Freud’s civilization and its discontents book to the film rear window

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Applying Freud’s Civilization and its Discontents Book to the Film Rear Window
According to Freud, the development of civilization reiterates the development of the individual in a way that the individual is torn between a dilemma on the desire to live and the wish to die . Civilization has the effects on the humankind relationship on their personal and social ties with one another. It is a neurotic examination of the people and the society relationship that lead to their development of their environment. Despite the historic consideration of civilization as the advancement of the historical cultures, it can be considered as the society revolution process to attaining a social structure. Culture and religion are some of the aspects that form the reason in the society. The movie “Rear Window” represents the development of the society in an environment with people from complex backgrounds characterized by aggressive instincts exacting unbearable suffering to those around them. The purpose of human life explanation in the movie gets clearly explained by the use of the characters featured, mainly the character Jeff.
The interaction between individuals in the society through effective communication forms the social ties between them. It is through the society that the definition of the environmental gets clearly defined following the various aspects of the relationship between people in the same surrounding. Alfred Hitchcock’s story of t…

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