Application Letter

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Application Letter
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How do you plan to positively impact society with your degree from Morgan State

Plan to Impact the Society Positively Author Name Institutional Affiliation Plan to Impact the Society Positively Education is the humankind’s greatest hope and most effective roadmap in the quest to realize sustainable development. Besides shaping an individual’s life, education offers the society with gifts of progress, civilization, and social development. From the distant past, quality of life, material, and spiritual progress, values at individual and social levels have been as a result of education. Morgan State University is one of the most respected scholastic institutions in Maryland, United States. Founded in 1867, Morgan States University has been releasing great minds to the...

Personal Statement

Name Professor’s Name Date Personal Statement When I first moved to the U.S., I was living alone in a hotel, eating fish sandwiches every day, and in a constant state of discomfort and trepidation. Since I was in a foreign country where the native language still caused confusion, I was constantly immersed in anxiety. Every morning I awoke to the unknown, fearing that some incident would occur and I would be unable to communicate with other people and embarrassment would ensue. Several times I wanted to cut out and just go back home. Doing so would have been easy, no doubt, but I also knew that what lay before me was the greatest educational opportunity of my life. Fortunately, every single thing...

reasons for transferring an objectives you would like to achieve

Student’s Name Instructor’s name Class Name Date Reasons for Transferring and Objectives to Achieve Reason for transfer: I intend to change my major from psychology to communication for several reasons. Psychology is a good major, but it was not clicking on me. Besides, the material in psychology major never appeared to hold my interest. I was surrounded by chances to test out prospects through taking starter courses, especially in the interested disciplines including communications. The main reason I want to change my major is to gravitate towards my future career. I attempted to figure out on ways I could benefit from things I enjoy doing. For example, I am a social person who enjoys...

Transfer to Johns Hopkins University

Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Personal Statement about the transfer to Johns Hopkins University I am an undergraduate student who wants to pursue Philosophy, Pre-Law. I wish to transfer to Johns Hopkins University for various reasons, which include academic and other factors beyond academic issues. The institution is located in a place where transportation facilities are adequate and readily available and accessible. Thus, commuting to the institution for my classes will not be a problem. Besides, the University offers chances for gaining experience in the field, outside of classroom. Several extracurricular activities are offered in the University, including sports,...

Why are you interested in membership in the Sorority?

Student’s Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Name: Date: Why I Am Interested in Joining your Sorority In my early years, the most common phrase that parents used to motivate children to go to school was, “Education is the key to success.” Every child was made to believe that without education, life would become meaningless. Even today, parents still feel that children must attend school to have any bearing on their lives. However, the main question people ask themselves while going to college is what constitutes success. Over the years, I have come to understand that success is relative. Every person has their standards of measuring whether they have succeeded in life. For me, success simply...

why I chose the school I chose

Student’s Name Student’s Address Dean of Admissions University Name University Address Date RE: Reasons for Joining School YY Dear Dean of Admissions, As a student and a young individual, the most important things that I pursue in life include education and a satisfying social experience. Therefore, I always yearn to be in places that challenge not only my intellectual capabilities but also other aspects of my life with the goal of improving my personality and competencies. After conducting thorough research on the available community colleges, I am excited to join school YY because it not only offers the course of my choice but also due to its outstanding performance. The wide variety...

Admission essay 2

Success in the midst of adversity was taught from a very early age that people make their luck and that if we truly want something, it is always within our grasp. Growing up, I have also understood that it is never about what happens but instead, how we react to it. People are at their creative best when under intense pressure and the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” holds true. When faced with imminent danger, individuals will often think on their feet and come up with solutions they would ordinarily never have thought of. The same thing happens when employees are under tight deadlines; they deliver. However, it is imperative that they become invested in whatever it is they do,...

Application Letters.

Student’s Name Professor’s NameCourse Title Date of Submission What challenges me the most and how I have worked to overcome this limitation. One of the most serious challenges that I met while at the university is cultural differences, to be specific, changing my thinking mode to critical thinking. In China, the high school education emphasized imparting knowledge that is essential, and the general study mode of students is merely accepting the knowledge that is taught by teachers and complete exercises that are required. Students are used to “compliance” rather than “challenge”. For example, when I consider the historical events, students are required to remember the cause and...

College Application

Name Tutor Course Date College Application I used to think I was very funny. In my own convoluted way, I thought I could make a good comedian, even host a show. One particular time when I was growing up I remember being asked a question by teacher Catherine and repeating the same question to her, much to her chagrin, yet the class laughed their hearts off. I almost got a nickname from the incidence. This was back when I was still young, still at grammar school before joining the junior high school to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Since then, I have learned that I am actually not funny, and if by chance I get people laughing it is just so, chance. Growing to a...