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Application Letter

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Application Letter

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Application Letter

Level: University

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Words: 550

Application Letter
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RE: Readmission after Dismissal for Spring 2019
Dear Sir,
It is with much pleasure that I hereby submit my application for the readmission in the university after dismissal for Spring 2019. I was first subjected to an academic probation following my poor performances in Math 123, Math 104, and Math 126. The reasons for my poor grades were because my mother fell ill and thus it became harder for me to balance between my academics and family issues. The main purpose of the probation was to ensure that I improve on these courses. However, due to extenuating circumstances, which were beyond my control, I failed to clear my probation.
My mother fell ill, and I was forced to meet up all her medical needs and requirements. This involved shopping for her groceries on a weekly basis, cooking for her daily, driving her to the doctor on a fortnight basis and ensuring that she took her medication on time. Thus, it became harder for me to balance all of these issues with my schoolwork. I was also not comfortable to talk to anyone concerning my problems, an aspect that led to these problems overwhelming me to the point that I could not reason out with other people. I was stressed tremendously. I tried to deal with my emotions and thus did not share these pertinent issues with the College Adviser. This was against the university’s requirements as it is expected that whenever one is faced with such problems that disru…

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