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Application Letter

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Application Letter

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Application Letter

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Application Letter
My background education includes a Diploma in business administration and with the knowledge and skills that were gained from studying this course I achieved to retain my job position at a local organization. With time there has been a need to advance my knowledge due to the increased competitiveness in the workplace. Therefore competitiveness and changing working environment has compelled me to apply for a Degree Course at CUNY School of Professional Studies.
My aspiration is to get the chance to pursue a Degree in Business Management at your institution. With the skilled and proficient tutors in the institution and peaceful learning environment, it’s certain that one will emerge a competitive individual compared to how one was. With that skill and knowledge one expect to become as competitive as fellow workmates, and due to this factor, I will get a higher job position after graduating. Also, I aspire to excel in life and to contribute to unprivileged individuals in the society who struggle to meet their basic needs and also to become an inspirational figure in the community.
Professional experience (experience of working online)
Due to my responsibilities as an employee of a local institution my option is to go for online courses which will allow me to fulfill the duties of the organization and at the same time get adequate time for my studies. It won’t be challenging to pursue online cou…

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