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Application Essay Revised

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Application Essay Revised

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Application Essay
Application Essay
One of the most critical pillars of public safety and state security is the fire department. Its role is huge in terms of response and rescue in emergencies. The history of the fire Department is long and its importance ca not be ignored at any cost. However, with the changing times coupled with evolving demands in terms of response, the fire department ought to review its mode of operation and way of response to meet the current needs. Conventionally, the fire department was mainly mandated to fight fires and respond to emergencies through rescue operations and providing first aid care to the victims. This has worked for the numerous years it has been in existence but has not been short of weaknesses. The basic care firefighters provide has not been enough in some cases depending on the gravity of the disaster. Some victims have ended up losing their lives in the process of awaiting transportation to hospital. The firefighters’ medical skills are limited and sometimes others lack even the basic first aid rules. This has put the performance of the Fire Department under scrutiny and there is urgent need to look for solutions as soon as possible to curb looming disasters.
That is why I came up with the idea of establishing a Paramedics section under the Fire Department. This department was mandated with the sole responsibility of administering medical care to fire victims between the scene and hospital. The paramedics were required to follow slightly different protocols from those provided by the state health department but little did I know that another crisis was looming. In a move to shoot this idea down, the California state began issuing licenses to paramedics overseen by Mobile Intensive Care Nurses (MICNs) who also work in accordance to their protocols to run a parallel program to ours. This new establishment went on to carry out a review of patient care records from our department as well as their own. This was when a major conflict arose due to the differences in our protocols and those of the MICNs in terms of sustained quality insurance. We were in the center of accusations from MICNs and the result was a frustrated lot of firefighter paramedics. However, basing our resolution for the establishment of this unit on Tittle 22, we stood to our ground and refused to be cowed into giving in to their demands.
The state laws and in particular Article 22, provides clear guidelines and procedures to be taken into account in matters relating to emergency care provision. This includes the licensing of such bodies, their mandate, and pre-hospital care system, aero-medical and trauma facilities. To support our case, we also alluded to the protocols provided for treatment and transport of disaster victims provided by the county health department. They clearly state the basis upon which medical protocols can be established by various state departments depending on the number of victims and proximity to the nearest medical facility.
One of my major strengths has been the ability to apply the knowledge I have in addition to a degree of resilience to find solutions to problems at hand. My immediate response to the conflict between the fire department and MICNs was to establish a committee spearheaded by four additional firefighter paramedics. The committee was to oversee among other tasks the alignment of our services to Tittle 22 and the procedures for meetings and voting quorum. The committee also sought to address other emerging issues like a breach of confidentiality and unwelcome intrusion into meetings with any breach of the rules attracting expulsion from the committee.
Upon its establishment, I decided to incorporate other responsibilities into the committee with the aim of improving the whole performance of the fire department. The new features included seeking ways of improving patient care, boosting the morale of the firefighters and paramedics within the department and establishing boundaries within which petty errors in documentation can go unpunished.The results were immense as after a few months upon its establishment, a steady reduction in documentation errors was witnessed.Furthermore,there were signs of better patient care, shorter periods of victims transportation from the scene to the hospital and negligible medication faults. The way meetings were conducted also witnessed a tremendous change with enhanced attendance and contribution. It became an open forum where paramedics could share ideas, learn from one another, and keep the flow of communication between all parties intact. This became a popular norm in the fire department, and my stand for keeping course of action at the lowest level while maximizing the income became a slogan of the department. This is what I consider my greatest achievement, and I sincerely attribute this to my outstanding articulation methods and my resilience in times of great need.

My job has always provided me with the ultimate professional satisfaction I had always dreamt of. My ability to stand up for my colleagues at times of need and my willingness to show the way have all made my working experience enjoyable. My efforts have been a blueprint for other institutions in the state. For instance, our success in paramedic and exceptional patient care prompted the Sacramento County Health Department to copy our model. They acquired an updated version of the model and to date, the document exists and it can be updated to incorporate new protocols without having to change the entire procedure.
The committee has not only been beneficial to firefighter/paramedics but also to patients. Both sets have been able to witness the tremendous changes we put in place over the years and appreciate the benefits that have come with them. The once strenuous engagement between patients and paramedics has become an enjoyable exercise that leaves both parties satisfied fully. The model has another advantage to the state in that it can be adopted by other fire departments and aligned according to their requirements. The reduced transport time and proper patient care have also enhanced accountability and proper utilization of public funds. I cannot take all the credit but I have all the pleasure to claim a portion of the credit we have been able to achieve because of this significant initiative in safety and medical care at large.
Though I have achieved a lot as Battalion Chief, I am looking forward to continuing working with like-minded individuals to make further the department a center of excellence. That is why I decided to apply for a Master’s Degree at CHDS. It is a major step to me, as it will further put me in a better position to continue executing my mandate as well as devising new ways to improve safety around Sacramento.

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