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Admission EssayI understand that relating to clients is important if one has to become a good occupational therapist. I have studied the six modes of intentional relationship as outlined by Taylor (2008), and realized that while I rate excellently on most of these modes, there is one that I am not very comfortable with. This mode is Empathizing. This suggests the ability to bear witness to and understand the psychological, physical, interpersonal and emotional experience of the client. It is the ability to stand in the shoes of the clients to understand what they are feeling. Occupational therapy has as one of its fundamental beliefs that, positive, empathetic relationships are critical to providing holistic care.
Over time, I have realized that I am not such am the empathetic person. Most of those I have come into contact with, growing up, have commented about this. I have also realized the same while interacting with my peers and clients. Naturally, I find it hard to hide details even when they might be hurting. I also tend to confront situations directly as they are, instead of twisting them to avoid hurting people’s feelings. For instance, during an encounter with a patient who was suffering emotional outbursts I came directly to the client asking to explain why he was behaving the way he was. I failed to understand that the client was also at a loss because of his actions, and all he required was my assistance to figure out the problem was and the way to go about a…

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