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Application Assignment: Psychological Concepts Assessment

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Application Assignment: Psychological Concepts Assessment

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Concepts of Psychology
According to Nevid (1), psychology is an important subject that studies the mind and behavior of individuals. It aims at understanding individuals and groups of people through cognitive and scientific processes including general principles of life. Likewise, it helps in establishing what people thinks, character and general behavior that defines a person. The major concepts of psychology covered in my class of Vet Technician include behavior, cognitive, personality, perception, intelligence and emotion among others (Nevid 1). This paper focuses on personality and behavior as the main psychological concepts under study.
Understanding human behavior is one of the complex tasks in the society (Nevid 2). Its complex nature is attributable to the fact that human behavior frequently changes depending on the environment of exposure. In recognition of the difficulty, psychologists try to unpack the ambiguity by asking relevant questions about mental, physical including social processes (Nevid 2). Questions around the elements are helpful since they influence behavior greatly. Some of the questions they ask include, Are you emotional? What type of food do you prefer? What is your education level? How do you spend your leisure time? Among others. Such questions assist to establish individuals including Vet Technicians behavior and determine the level of productivity during work routine.
Personality is a psychological concept that is defined as a person’s unique cognitive patterns and behavior (Nevid 3). Personality resolves around what a person’s likes, character, behavior and perception on diverse issues. Personality enables psychologist to understand what a person can do best, how he can relate with others in organized teams, outgoing nature of a person, and establish individual’s creative ability. In the class study, personality is identified as a significant concept that helps in establishing how people including Vet Technicians can react to situations, performance capacity and response to cognitive patterns. It facilitates effective categorization of people and designation of tasks with the aim of ensuring effectively matched tasks.
Indeed, psychology is an important study as it helps in unpacking the complex issues that define human character, behavior and performance levels. It achieves holistic understanding of human beings through systematic exploration of the key concepts that include personality traits, perception and behavior among others.
Works Cited
Nevid, Jeffrey S. Psychology: Concepts and Applications. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage
Learning, 2013. Print.

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