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appeal letter

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appeal letter

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Biology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

A letter of appeal for re-admission to Tower College
To: [email protected] Sir,
Even though it was not a surprise to me after receiving the rejection letter from Tower College, I was very disappointed. I knew that my JPA examination grade was very low and below the required average at the Tower College. Secondly, I also understood that during the time of the JPA examination I was in a difficult period of taking care of my sick mother since I am the only child left following the death of my brother. The combination of all these prevented me from showing up my actual ability.
However, since Tower College offer the online program, I will be very comfortable to take care of my sick mother and do my study comfortably when am free from my daily chore. Having done the last JPA examination, I have learned the toughest lesson which will motivate me to work extra hard to pass the next exam (Von der Embse at el. 628). I have shared my story with my friends who have revealed to me some of the techniques they use for them to score better in their class work. I know in the Tower College appeals are discouraged, but it is my hope you will reconsider my application considering the tough situation which I was during the examination period.
Again, I completely agree and appreciate your decision to dismiss my admission, but I hope that you will revive my file to consider my return to the school. I was excessively impressed by the Tower Coll…

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