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Any topic Related to *Introduction to Sociology* Social Problems , Hypothetic .How you resolved the problem?

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Any topic Related to *Introduction to Sociology* Social Problems , Hypothetic .How you resolved the problem?

Category: Term paper

Subcategory: Social Issues

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The preoccupation of obtaining alcoholic substances and the little control over its consumption are what characterize addictive behaviors amongst all alcoholics in the society. The development of its tolerance as well as its dependence comes along with the impairment of social and common habits of the individual. Alcoholism brings forth the chronic vulnerability to relapse after sessions of drinking. Due to the purpose of understanding the factors that lead to excessive drinking, researchers have relied on the brain mechanism associated with mechanical characteristics of a human being. The article below aims at the analysis of alcoholism on a social base and its effects on the society. Alcoholism has proven to be a constant social problem although there have been efforts to reduce it.
Social problem and its state.
Alcoholism is easily termed as the overuse and dependency on alcohol products for a prolonged period resulting to problems. Alcoholism is split into two categories. These categories are namely, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency.
Alcohol abuse is analyzed as a psychiatric condition that involves the recurrent harmful use of ethanol in a person’s body. In this category are two other different types of alcohol abuse classes. These are individuals abusing alcohol due to their anti-social and pleasure seeking behaviors and those abusers who often go long periods without alcohol although one mere taste…

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