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Anti- Mandatory Miniumums

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Anti-Mandatory Minimums
Mandatory minimums are sentencing laws that are involved with binding prison terms of a particular time for people convicted of some specific federal and state crimes. Most of these crimes include possession of gun, pornography, economic crimes or drug offences. They are mainly considered as “quick-fix solutions” to seemingly petty crimes (Smith, 599). Anti-mandatory minimums, on the other hand, are laws or campaigns that oppose the minimum thresholds on how certain crimes are handled. They are the exact opposite of mandatory minimum laws.
For any judicial practice, there needs to be policies and guidelines that govern the day to day running of activities and how cases are handled. This is where the mandatory minimum and the anti-mandatory minimums come in. This begs the question, can justice be best served by having the legislative wing of the government assigning fixed penalties to each committed crime? Should the legislative wing instead leave the judges to carry out the sentences to the mitigating and the aggravating facts of each crime within the stipulated range? These questions leave a lot to be desired.
While mandatory minimums are court decisions that aim at setting judicial thresholds limited by law, anti-minimums tend to oppose this campaign. Characteristically, people convicted of particular crimes get punished based on some set minimum standards (McMillion, 100). The mandatory sente…

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