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Colonial Discourse

Student’s Name: Instructor’s name: Course Number: Date of Submission: Colonial Discourse This paper discusses various issues that are brought by colonization. In particular, the paper focuses on the Battle of Algiers, which involved the French and the FLN. The paper discusses the term colonization and thus helps one understand the battle in question. It also discusses the ways the occupation of the Algiers by French troops affected it people. The three main ways that are discussed include the effect of arrest and torture, limitation of movement, and the lack of access to social amenities. The paper also continues to discuss cultural framing. This section of the paper helps the reader to...

Self and Society

Student’s Name: Instructor’s name: Course Number: Date of Submission: Self and Society Self and society in anthropology is the study of one’s individuality and personality. However, it incorporates the influence of society on these aspects of an individual. This paper discusses different social behaviors. It also discusses the different ways the society has helped in influencing the behavior of those in question. The two reading used in the completion of this paper provide the reader with an understanding of the key issues involved in social conformity. The paper delves into the basics of socialization, social norms, and rites of passage. It also discusses in detail the stages of...

Random Acts of Kindness

Name: Course: Professor: Institution affiliations: Random Act of Kindness No one, not even a high school principal will punish for being kind. A random act of kindness not only brightens someone’s day but also puts a wide smile on your face. There are various ways of being kind. Here some of the random acts of kindness that we can consider practicing especially in this festive season. What we say to people can either boost their esteem or break them down to a point of no return. You can choose to be polite and sensitive to your language to our family members, friends, strangers, and event our pets. By the way our pets are also sensitive to kindness; ('Kindness Or Fairness?' n.p)....

Origins of the first Unified State in Ancient Egypt, compare/contrast with Mesopotamia

Name: Instructor Date Origin of the First Unified State in Egypt and Mesopotamia The rise of the ancient Kingdoms in the various parts of the world was a result of several factors that favored the development of such kingdoms (Heinz, pg23). The ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia are some of the examples of the ancient kingdoms that were established in the past and were successful at the time of establishment. There are some similarities and differences that are manifested in the process of the development of the ancient unified states in Egypt and Mesopotamia (Heinz, pg23). This paper discusses, compares and contrasts the rise of the ancient unified states in Egypt and Mesopotamia. The development...

students campus life.

Name: Date: Unit: Instructor: Campus life Getting to campus means making a big transition in life, moving from high school to college life. There are lots of issues that spring up when it comes to handling and living campus life. This entails moving from a comfort zone to a strange environment where everyone seems strange. It is a life where a freshman has to juggle new friends, new roommates among other new things including peers. While the main reason for each student joining a given college is education, the life of a college student has more than meets the eye. Campus life can both be a blast and a nightmare. Problems are bound to occur. In case they happen, it is important to get ready...

Domestic Violence-Spousal/Partner Abuse

DOMESTIC SPOUSAL VIOLENCE: Name: Institution: Introduction Domestic spousal abuse is a series of behavior that one uses to endow control and power over the other by injecting fear and intimidation. This disastrous act has caused a led to a lot of suffering, homelessness, poverty, rejection and to some point fatality in the society globally. When talking of such, Chico does not stand as an exception. The below article is to discuss the presentation of spousal abuse in California and other two countries in relation to Chico and how the citizens in the stated state and countries respectively feel and go about it. Discussion As stated above, spousal abuse has led to a lot of drawbacks but the...


An Appraisal of the Historic Site of Laetoli Name of the student Professor’s Name Course An Appraisal of the Historic Site of Laetoli Background Laetoli is a famous excavation site that was discovered in Tanzania. The site is famous for the fossil remains of Plio-Pleistocene hominids Australopithecus afarensis. The hominid footprints were found to be preserved in the volcanic ashes. The exact site is located 45 kilometers away and south of Olduvai Gorge. The site was discovered by Mary Leakey, an archeologist during 1976. The entire excavations were completed in 1978. The hominid footprints provided the first conclusive evidence regarding the presence of bipedal mammals in the...

Anthopology study based on race, language ,ethnicity, politic, economy, religion,culture , etc

Name: Professor: Title: Date: Anthropology study based on race, language, ethnicity, politic, economy, religion, culture, etc.Anthropology assists human beings to be understood. It studies human beings and includes humans’ culture, political life, ethnicity, race, language, religion and many other aspects that are connected to them. The study assists in the understanding of human past and present nature. The American people belong to the United States of America. The nation is home to different people who come from different countries around the world. The American people never liked their national being with ethnicity but, with allegiance and citizenship. American citizens make up the...


Student’s Name: Instructor’s name: Course Number: Date of Submission: Ethnicity and Race This essay discusses the reading ‘Ethnicity and Race’. The discussion provides one with the understanding of the information that is necessary to determine the definition of ethnicity and race. It also allows one to determine the types of interaction that that are based on ethnicity. The different types of ethnic interaction provide an individual with the capability to determine if the interaction is either positive or negative. The advantage of having such an interaction examined is that it opens one’s understanding of different perspectives in ethnic interaction. This paper also discusses some...