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anthropology case study

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anthropology case study

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Anthropology

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Anthropology refers to the study of humans’ present and past in the society. It is a discipline that narrows down to the human cultural and biological perception. The discipline elaborates the intrinsic cultural variations in the society that seeks to maintain a sense of belonging to every individual in the community. Studies indicate that the aspect has highly been upheld in distinct regions in the globe where distinct communities are known and treasured for their cultural background. In the second condition, the biological perception associates a condition where the study elaborates the development of a human being as an individual. Critically, the discipline explains the biological variation of a human being. The study will engage a fieldwork study asserting the cultural and biological perception about human behavior.

Logically, the research should be conducted within the community. It is a condition where information should be retrieved from distinct communities within the society to enhance the comparison. Such a decision associates the financial constraint in the sense that extending the research to a foreign country will be very expensive. Further, it will be easy to interact with the people in the community and retrieve material information regarding the community. It is an act where the participant will investigate the community and retrieve the relevant information. The research will strategically investigate an in-depth look at the society. It is a condition where the study will extend to the religious background associated with the community. Evidently, there are different religious diversities, and every religion has its doctrines. Therefore, the study will seek to understand the community’s belief. It is a condition that will demand to know where they worship and their Holy Book as a sign of the religion. Further, the study will narrow down to ascertain the marital condition between individuals (Fitzpatrick, 32). Such an aspect will intend to know the culture engaged in marriage about age within the community. The aspect will associate a comparative study with the marriage behavior of a different community to ascertain the variances and the uniqueness of the community. Further, the study will associate investigations of different economic organizations practiced by the individuals in the community. It is a task that will aim at determining what the family relies on. Additionally, language is a factor of concern in the study. The research will involve the determination of the types of language used by the respective individuals in the community. It is a condition that will ascertain the language inherited from the parents and the second language acquired from education programs among other places. The study will view the ancestral beliefs and practices that have value to date and the community practices and upholds them. In a different perception, the study will investigate the role of women in the families. Such a task will invite the participant to investigate how men perform in the families in comparison to the women in the community and also in different communities.

It is evident that the research will associate certain obstacles, for instance, hostility from some community members. Such an aspect will accrue inadequate information from intrinsic individuals in the community; hence, absorbing the condition. Secondly, it will be difficult to collect the data in the sense that some individual may lack an appropriate language to express themselves in the community. Therefore, the condition may prevent one from retrieving necessary information. The reporting platform associates the condition where the information will be separated into the biological and cultural information. Further, information from other communities should be presented to elaborate the variances and the uniqueness of every community. Evidently, such an approach will elucidate information in a more unique and understandable system.
Work cited
Fitzpatrick, Kathleen. Planned obsolescence: Publishing, technology, and the future of the academy. NYU Press, 2011.


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