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answer two questions about effective communication

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answer two questions about effective communication

Category: Definition Essay

Subcategory: Communication

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Answer Two Questions about Effective CommunicationA two-way data sharing procedure that includes one party communicating something specific that is effortlessly comprehended by the accepting party. Powerful correspondence by business supervisors encourages data sharing between organization workers and can considerably add to its business achievement. Therefore, effective communication implies that we can convey what needs be, both verbally and non-verbally, in ways that are fitting to our societies and circumstances. Hence, this implies not just having the capacity to express our sentiments and yearnings but also our needs and fears and to request exhortation and help. Consequently, we notice that for one to succeed in his day to day activities, he has to impress the virtues of effective communication so as he can be able to gather more information. On the same note, one can be in a position to solve various issues if he practices effective communication.
I have encountered effective and ineffective writing in academic writing. An argument in an essay, whether the you are the one proposing the argument or someone else must hold much water and be possible to be proven for it to be an effective writing. On the same note, if the argument fails to prove itself and it does not hold much support, it shows an illustration of ineffective writing.
An ineffective communicator could have changed his communication approach to be more successful through listening actively instead of being a passive listener. Therefore, this will enable him to get engaged and offer a response to what other people have said in a conversation. A passive listener pays attention but does to respond to any of the queries that have been raised hence leading to ineffective communication. The communicator should also maintain eye contact, hence proving that he is interested in the conversation, stay focused and have less distraction from the external environment. Formal communication has to be in effective writing, and the tone and word choice has to be taken into consideration as one presents himself in a formal manner. In informal communication, the tone and word choice that has been applied are not taken into serious consideration. Therefore, ineffective communication can be applied in informal writing.

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