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Answer the following questions, using at least one scholarly reference (and a corresponding in-text citation)

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Answer the following questions, using at least one scholarly reference (and a corresponding in-text citation)

Category: Process Analysis Essay

Subcategory: Physiology

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Human Bones and Skeletal Health: Questions and Response Paper
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The body has approximately 206 bones. You are asked to explain how nutrition and activity can affect bone health.
What are some of the long bones that are found in the upper and lower extremities?
Among the long bones found in the body include the femur and tibia; these bones are the usual ones that receive the most weight of the load carried by the body (MCC, 2010). The growth of these bones could be accounted for to have come from endochondral ossification which is usually controlled by the growth hormones which is the secretion empowered by the pituitary gland.
What are 2 examples of types of flat bones in the body?
Expanded into broad and flattened plates, the flat bones are the usual areas forming the overall casing of the skeleton; giving it form and balance. Among the flat bones present in the human body include the sternum, the pelvis and the rib cage (MCC, 2010). The cranial bones are also noted for being flat which usually involves the emergent construction of the layers of flat tissues that form the skull.
What are some ways to maintain skeletal health and prevent bone loss?
Eating calcium reach resources could help well in preventing bone loss. Most often than not, milk resources [and other dairy products] are rich in this particular nutrient. It would be a best practice to avoid bone-loss if a person becomes more concerned as to how he uses his bones and become careful enough to not put unnecessary pressure to the said structure of the body.
How does weight-bearing exercise affect the skeletal system?
While it is healthy for proper exercise to be applied to strengthen the bones, excruciating workouts may not be as helpful. Considerably, if a person would opt to undergo physical training and/or exercise it could be realized that the need to be careful enough is necessary. In cases such as this, it would be best to take note of the fact that every individual has to undergo assessment before he does subject himself to physical training or exercise (MCC, 2010). Healthcare advisers would do well to provide ample support on how such condition of healthy developments should be carried out.
In the course of defining how much role our bones have in our lives, it is best to take note of the fact that there are particular considerations that need to be given specific attention to. Notably, people become more concerned on how they take care of their health in a general pattern, but often neglect how they take care of their bones; one of the most crucial parts of their body that would allow them to function fully. Not straining the bones too much especially in cases when physical work out is applied or practiced by an individual would help well in keeping the bones healthy and retaining the capacity of the whole system to be more effective in determining the condition by which one develops a more helpful process of aiding his skeletal structure to remain at its best status amidst ageing.
Today, it is not only the food choice that must be adjusted among most individual; instead, it should be the lifestyle that one follows that must be given careful attention to. It is only through this that the bones and all the other vital systems of the human body’s integrity could be retained and be fully functional as needed.
Marshall Cavendish Company. Mammal anatomy: an illustrated guide. New York. 2010. p. 129.

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