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Anorexia among Young Females in Today’s Society

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Anorexia among Young Females in Today’s Society

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Level: High School

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Anorexia among Young Females in Today’s Society

The article below involves the identification of a problem in the current world as well as provide possible solutions. This activity involves an analysis of written sources concerning the problem stated in accordance to arriving at its possible solutions. Anorexia is a social problem in the current world today and is widely dealt with among the young adults in the society mostly common among the female gender. There are factors that have influenced the occurrence of this problem. The primary of these factors is that the media has a lot to do with the increase of occurrences concerning anorexia.
Anorexia Nervosa is defined as a psychological illness that is linked to adverse side effects such as distress and depression. Although a nutritional disorder causes the disease, the influence of the media has been a major contributor to its rise in the society. The proliferation and the influence of the media cannot be repudiated. The reason to this conclusion is because the media barrages the public with images and messages that reinforce the idea that a good looking and happy person ought to be thin (Espejo). This case study research article will cover the influence of media and how it has contributed to anorexia. First and foremost, the formulation of a research problem and questions is a mandatory phase in dealing with this problem as below.
Research problem:
The media does have a strong effect on the increase in anorexia cases am…

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