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Annotated bibliography: teen pregnancy
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Teen pregnancy is a universal concern and affects many nations. The largest proportion of teen pregnancy is contributed by girls of age between 15-19 years. By definition, teen pregnancy is pregnancy period by girls under the age of 20 years by the time the pregnancy ends (Kristen, 2013). Many teenagers do not realize they are pregnant until they have missed their period over a long time. On consultation, they are confronted with the desperate option of abortion or keeping the pregnancy that risks their life. They are at a risk since their body have not developed fully to carry a baby. Some teenagers manage to keep and deliver babies normally, but complications arise which threatens their life. They may suffer anemia that leads to immune compromised status. Opportunistic diseases like respiratory diseases may kill them leaving a hopeless baby who remains at risk of dying too (Kristen, 2013). The problem is not only experienced in the U.S.A but across the world with increased promiscuity. Latest research have shifted the focus to girls from minority sexual orientation groups, why they are victims as swell. They initiate early sexual activities, which lead to more experimentation with other methods that include normal sex. Without the use of contraceptives, they are at risk of conceiving. Various stakeholders are required to join hands in addressing the problem (Weiss, 2012). Studies have been co…

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