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Dyson, M. E. (2004). The culture of hip-hop. That’s the joint, 61-68.
Dyson is explaining in his book about hip-hop and rap music, to show how it was valued among the black, Latinos, and white person in America. He says it was associated with the poor black youths and the Latinos in the poor urban districts like those in New York and Chicago. The culture of hip-hop and rap was related to drug abuse, violence and other forms of crime. With such bad attributes, hi-hop was not so appreciated especially by the whites. With time, it started to become popular and loved by all races since efforts to erode it were frustrated by increasing number of hip-hop artist from all races.
The book is analyzing how hip-hop was created, and why it was resented by the whites and some of the blacks but has grown to be the most popular music genres across the globe.
The book is relevant for the research paper. It’s among the sources that speak against the popular music due to the stated above themes that were promoted in the hip-hop music content. It’s a book that makes it an authentic material to be applied to the study.
Ganzel, B. (2007). Music during the 1950s and 60s. Retrieved December 30, 2015, from http://www.livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe50s/life_19.html
Ganzel is explaining the origin and the development of music from the 1950s and starts with the country music. He explains that it claims its roots from the folk songs that were enjoyed by native British, Scottish, and people of Scotland. It was adopted by people living in the rural regions of the Appalachian Mountains. The country music borrowed its beats from the people of African – American descent that were moving from the south. For instance, African slaves acquired from the western parts of Africa, the “banjo” one of the country music instrument was obtained. The country music was popular in the rural regions than in the urban areas. The music was supported by rural communities, and it is still popular among the old people in rural regions that qualify its name “the old music.”
The author explains the origin of the music, and he states that it’s among the oldest genre of music considering that it existed before genres like blues, R&B, and even jazz. Although it did not make its popularity among the urban population, it is still popular among the old people from urban and especially those in the rural regions.
The domain of the site that has provided such information is a .org, which makes its Information authentic as it’s owned by an organization that was established by David Wessel in honor of the rural Americans and for his memory. It supports the country music hence relevant for the study.
Hansen, C. H., & Hansen, R. D. (2000). Music and music videos. Media entertainment: The psychology of its appeal, 175-196.
The advent of the release of video music was experienced as a revolution in the music industry. For instance, ‘Subterranean homesick blues’ was a single that was released in the 1950s and contributed to the music revolution experienced from the 1950s to date. Blues was a popular music in those days and is still popular with artist like Bob Dylan. The videos in blues continue to change to impact the minds of the young generation. With this development, erotic videos that led to the blues music being considered immoral were released, and highly resented by the society.
The author is explaining how blues became a popular music genre especially with the technological advancement that led to the introduction of videos in the music industry.
The book gives a clear picture on how popular music with an emphasis on blues how it has revolutionized and later being branded as not supporting the social, moral standards. So this source is against the popular music and the culture it advocated for. So it’s vital for the study.
Hooton, C. (2015, July 14). Hip-hop is the most listened music genre in the world, according to Spotify analysis of 20 billion tracks. Retrieved December 30, 2015, from http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/hip-hop-is-the-most- listened-to-genre-in-the-world-according-to-spotify-analysis-of-20-billion- 10388091.html
The source explains how hip-hop music has categorically grown its popularity over the years as compared to other music genres. It originated from poor districts of New York and Chicago among the black and Latino youths. Now it has spread across the globe, and all people from different localities are popular for releasing music under this genre. For instance Drake, is a hip-hop singer with Canadian roots but popular for hip-hop music.
The author explains how the hip-hop music has earned tremendous love and support, especially among the urban generation. The author acknowledges that despite the social opposition that it has faced through ages of its establishment in the 1970s, due to its anti-social content that is linked to violence and other negative qualities. It has managed to be the most popular music genre on earth.
The source is an online newspaper, making it a valuable reference for the study since it addresses the interest of the topic.
Harrison, A. K. (2009). “Hip hop underground: the integrity and ethics of racial identification.” Temple University Press.
Harrison explains how hip-hop singers and DJs emerged and changed over time to ensure they remained relevant in the industry that attracted many for a commercial venture. The paper also talks about rap music that has a similar foundation as the hip-hop. The two genres were dynamically experienced as they had a close relationship since they sometimes were performed under a similar category like hip-hop rap. For instance hip-hop, beats were manipulated, and another category of hip-hop called jazz-rap was created. The content was sometimes provocative, but some hardcore rap had themes that warned about racism and violence against the blacks by the whites
The author is explaining the evolution of hip-hop and some of its subcategory during its emergence. With time hip-hop also was used to enlighten people about racism and violence in the against blacks and in black neighborhoods respectively
The source is a book that makes its quality for use in the study. It addresses the roots of rap and hip-hop from the 1950s that make a perfect content for the paper.
Peterson, R. A. (1990). Why 1955? Explaining the advent of rock music.Popular Music, 9(01), 97-116.
Richard explains that pop music is another name for popular music, with popular music came popular culture. He described the current popular music traces its roots from the rock music. Jazz music was also among the earliest genres of popular music. With time aspects of some of the preexisting genre were amalgamated to come up with an entirely different genre. For instance, R&B was created after the beats of blues were altered. R&B singers composed lyrics and had their dance groups perform in a very sensual seductive manner that was considered immoral and socially misleading the youths and therefore resented.
The source explains the origin of popular music and how some genres were formed from the mainstream genres and still became popular. For instance the case of R&B that was developed from the blues.
The source is a journal article making it a peer reviewed document that is suitable for the study. The source talks about pop music and its origins from the 1950s that are the studies interest.
Ward, B. (1998). “Just my Soul Responding: Rhythm and blues, black consciousness, and race relations” Univ of California Press.
Ward explains how after the creation of R&B from the blues it continued to grow and impact in the contemporary music fabric. For instance in the mid-1950s, a black six man, a song that was based on their jailhouse experiences. The songs were different since R &B was not as popular as the rock and blues or the jazz music. Due to the creativity that attracted listeners, it managed to climb the ladder on the billboards for instance of the billboard of national R&B singles charts. The book documents also the struggle of black people that was expressed via the R&B songs, which contributed to its popularity among the blacks and other races. Although at some point its lyric changes and the video included more sexual innuendos that were considered not morally upright.
The author explains how the R&B has struggled to establish it place among the popular music and how once it was established it included some of the socially inappropriate sconces in their lyrics and videos.
The book talks about the evolution and the revolution that has occurred as a result of the instruction of R&B as one of the pop music. This makes the source a vital material to be applied in the study.
ZIAD,. (2012, May 4). The History of Heavy Metal Period 1 [1950 – 1969]. Retrieved December 30, 2015, from http://www.lebmetal.com/2012/05/the-history-of-heavy-metal-period-1- 1950-1969/
Rock music is among the oldest mainstream music genre that has contributed a lot to the existence of the pop music and pop culture. There was a distinction between soft and hard rock; hard rock came later with a growing interest in listening to loud music among the young generation in the 1950s to date. Led Zeppelin is among the names to be referenced when explaining the origin of hard rock. Black Sabbath is the rock band that is also recognized for the establishment of metal rock music, by distorting the regular rock beats and incorporating some horror movies soundtracks to create a totally new hard rock style of music.
The author explains the origins and progress of rock music throughout the period from the 1950s to date and how some sub-genres or rock like metal rock were created. The notable character has also been mentioned to acknowledge their contribution.
The site is a relevant source since it is specialized in publishing rock information and explains different periods through which rock has been created and improved as a pop music. It has content that address the topic of the study making it a vital source.

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