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Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Words: 275

Annotated Bibliography

Dempsey, J. (2011). Waiting for You: Beauford Delaney as James Baldwin’s Inspiration for the Character Creole in” Sonny’s Blues”. Obsidian, 12(1), 60-78. Retrieved from https://www.thecampuscommon.com/library/ezproxy/ticketdemocs.asp?sch=suo&turl=https://search-ebscohost-com.southuniversity.libproxy.edmc.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=edsjsr&AN=edsjsr.44489341&site=eds-liveThe author hypothesises that elements of Baldwin’s personal life are apparent from the text, represented through innuendo and metaphorical comparisons between the literature and Baldwin’s life. Of particular interest are the character Creole and his relationship to Sonny, the titular protagonist. The article acknowledges the notion that the choice of the name Creole is in itself a tribute to jazz. Also, the article’s examination of Creole is very telling of the closely related circumstances. Of particular interest being the similarities between Creole’s role in Sonny’s life and Beauford Delaney’s place in Baldwin’s life. The article draws parallels between the two relationships and highlights the numerous similarities, proving that Creole was based on Beauford. Both characters forge a distinct path away from the norm while guiding a young protégé. Further, Sonny’s career trajectory is strikingly similar to Baldwin’s, and the music band represents the Baldwin and Delaney’s literary world. The explanation for the possible use…

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