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Ancient World Ethics

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Ancient World Ethics

Category: Analysis Essay

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

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[Ancient World Ethics]
Ethics, as a part of philosophy, studies the best way for people to live accordingly. This implies studying which actions are right or wrong and the circumstances surrounding them. Ultimately, ethics aims to define what is good for the individual and how can any person achieve such goodness. For that reason, to understand what is good for us as humans, Plato aims to find the highest good, the knowledge of the form to be able to discern thoroughly between right from wrong. However, given the fact that according to Plato not all men are created the same, it will depend on their appetites to discern these ideas. Hence, in Plato’s thought, there are two crucial conceptions of good and what is good for men. The first is in the Symposium when Diotima speaks to Socrates about open nature of the physical beauty, explaining to him that everything that is good lies in the forms, in the essence.
“The very essence of beauty. In that state of life above all others, my dear Socrates,’ said the Mantinean woman, ‘a man finds it truly worthwhile to live, as he contemplates essential beauty.” (Plato: 211d, 1990).
Hence, this means that the contemplation of the forms is the way for men to achieve finally good, and if they do, they will do well to others. The second lies in Republic
“Is it not also true that the sun is not vision, yet as being the cause thereof is beheld by vision itself?” “That is so,” he said. “This, …

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