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Analyze William shakespeare Let me not the marriage of true minds

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Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds
Just like much of William Shakespeare’s work, “Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds”, conveys a blatant message. The sonnet clearly tells us love is real, unmatched, unbreakable, patient and forever. It begins with the speaker declaring his belief in love, the first line clearly reveals to us his stand, and he is referring to “marriage of true minds”. It is indeed a brilliant sonnet for analysing how eminent a poem structure can be resourceful in creating and supporting its intended meaning. Shakespeare marvellously manages to employ Tone, Word Choice and Rhyme to undoubtedly bring out the theme of true and constant love in his sonnet. This paper intends to discuss the three literacy skills as follows:
Literacy Skills in the sonnet
Word choice
In this sonnet, the poet diligently manages to use appropriate words to influence the emotions and meaning of the sonnet. The word choice is excellent, concise and precise; significantly contributing to sentence flow. From couplet to another, we witness how his choices of words are used to introduce rhythm in the sonnet. He perfectly brings out imagery by using figures of speech like; personification-he gives love human qualities for instance “rosy lips and cheeks” (1.9). Conversely, he uses metaphor-he compares love a “mark” (1.5) that is “fixed” (1.5) forever. Moreover, the poet constantly employs repetition in the s…

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