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analyze frankenstein to early childhood development

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Childhood Development Stages of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly
In this essay, we shall speak about the Childhood Development Stages, focused on the Mary Shelly book “Frankenstein”. In order to do a thorough and complete examination on the Childhood Development Stages, we shall consider the following subtopics: The Creature’s birth; its abandonment by Victor, his creator; his requests for a mate; his feelings toward his creator; the monster’s feelings of revenge; and his final decision of joining Victor in death.
In order to do so, we will use the theories of development stages proposed by Erikson, and Piaget. Both stages depict different visions of the development stages and are equally useful to illustrate our point. In order to advance in our essay, we shall show Erikson, and Piaget’s theories in order to advance in our discussion, and establish a conceptual floor to unfold our discussion. However, since these theories are quite extensive, we shall speak only about their relation with the childhood development.
Erikson Childhood Development Stages. Erikson proposed eight stages of psychosocial development. In this essay, we shall speak about the first five.
The first one, or the stage of Basic Trust vs. Mistrust, proposes that through interactions of the toddler and what surrounds it, it learns both trust and mistrust. If the toddler learns it, it will develop successful social relations …

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