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analyze argument

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analyze argument

Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Political Science

Level: College

Pages: 10

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Political Views of Aristotle, Du Bois, and WeberAristotle
Aristotle’s definition of the meaning of politics starts with the explanation of the nature of mankind, stating that all communities that make up a state are established with the intention of leading to positive outcomes, as it is the nature of human beings to improve their condition. If the objective of the communities is to arrive at some good, it, therefore, follows that the state, being bigger than the communities, should aim at arriving at some higher degree of good. The issue of politics, therefore, necessitates looking at the elements that together make up the whole state so as to appreciate the differences between leadership styles. Aristotle indicates that the state is necessary for the existence of human beings because, without it, they cease to be self-sufficing, and is, therefore, an extension of the whole system. The only things that can live comfortably in the absence of a state are either a god or a beast. Naturally, all human beings have a social instinct, and they function best when their life is governed by laws and justice. Aristotle condemns the use of violence or armed injustice, indicating that the arms were meant to be used intelligently and by virtue and only in the worst of scenarios. He maintains that virtue is very important in human beings as it helps in the administration of justice and the maintenance of order in a political society.

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