Analysis Essay

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Analysis Essay
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writing sample for grad school application (PhD in Educational Psychology)

Sustainable Communities Field School Increases Environmental Awareness Liyan Zeng Professor’s Name Course Abstract Environmental sustainability is the process of utilizing the resources of nature in such a way, to prevent the exploitation of natural resources, conservation of non-renewable forms of energy and matter, and ensuring replenishment of utilized resources, which can support biotic communities in the near future. Educational programs and field visits to places of environmental conservation might inculcate awareness in students and general people. The present study tried to evaluate the usefulness of Field schools, in providing awareness on environmental sustainability. The study...


Abortion Name Institutional affiliation Abortion violates the right to life regardless of anyone’s social or religious beliefs. In the current society, abortion is one of the most controversial and conflicting issues. Most people believe that it is against humanity and consider it immoral and even describe it as murder. Such people tend to believe that no human being has the authority to decide whether to bring life in the world or put it to an end. What is abortion in the first place? As defined by the Oxford dictionary, abortion is; “The termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo before being capable of normal growth.” The Human Rights Act...

Ancient World Ethics

Ethics, as a part of philosophy, studies the best way for people to live accordingly. This implies studying which actions are right or wrong and the circumstances surrounding them. Ultimately, ethics aims to define what is good for the individual and how can any person achieve such goodness. For that reason, to understand what is good for us as humans, Plato aims to find the highest good, the knowledge of the form to be able to discern thoroughly between right from wrong. However, given the fact that according to Plato not all men are created the same, it will depend on their appetites to discern these ideas. Hence, in Plato’s thought, there are two crucial conceptions of good and what is...

antebullum id genealogies of identification and registration

Name Professor Course Date Antebellum ID: Genealogies of identification and registration According to the insight from the reading, mobility was seen as a threat since it was considered as the key opportunity to escaping and everyday survival for the black slaves. However, it was the source of power for integrating and maintaining familial ties between slaves thus developing resistance. On the contrary, stealing was rampant due to mobility and this activity was the most common among other illegal activities. Goods that were normally stolen by the free and captive Africans Americans were food, liquor, livestock or cloth. Mobility was normally seen as a threat...

War impact on children

Meiselas published a book on photography named ‘Nicaragua’ after spending thirteen months in observation, documentary and photography. With most of the photography work carried out from the uninflected middle distance, and with much of great details and long views eschewed, the photographer takes sides with the insurrectionists resisting authority. She, however, rides with insurrectionists into Managua following Somoza's defeat who together with other rebels contributed to the mass killings of children. It is attributed that Somoza’s National Guard was, however, the major proponent in most killings involving defenseless children and other innocent civilians. Members of Magnum photo agency such...

A letter to my granddaughter

A letter to my Granddaughter My sweet granddaughter, I know I have not written a letter to you since you were a child, but today, I shall do it again. Remember all he struggles I told you about? I will tell you about all those again. My dear, memory is one of the most important things we have, and I would not want you to forget all the things that we, as women, have achieved. I grew up in the 60’s when the civil rights movement was beginning. For me, it was something strange, since my father had told me that women belonged to the house, and I would not have expected to get a college education. However, after studying for a few years, my mind had expanded, and I knew my worth (Harrison...

America’s involvement in imperialism

Name Instructor Course Date America’s involvement in imperialism Empire building is a form of advocacy whereby nations engage in activities aimed at conquering and growing their territories to other countries to acquire more wealth and resources from such conquered states. The United States of America has over the past centuries engaged in political and economic warfare to win authority of other nations in the world. Global competition In 1880’s American leaders advised the United States government to establish empires in other parts of the world. The United States been a stable country that had amassed a lot of wealth through not involving in World War 1, it was best suited to engage in...

Rhetorical Analysis The Ambassador Bridge

Introduction This article features “The Ambassador Bridge” the busiest international crossing in commercial traffic in North America handling a vast number of vehicles annually. The author talks of its expansion due to the increased traffic in the United States resulted from the failure of the engineers of that time not considering the capacity of the bridge to handle an increasing population rate and its demand and supply of commodities, from people living in its environs to the improved means of transport as compared to the day of its making and how the government's General Services Administration planned new customs facility to enhance adequate parking and storing of the large commercial...

Analysis and Development of Fiction Story (1)

Analysis and Development of a Fiction Story Author’s Name University Analysis and Development of a Fiction Story This essay analyzes Shirley Jackson’s short story ‘The Lottery’. The analysis pertains to the development and progression of the plot, the tools the writer adopts to do so, and the consequent effects it has on the reader and the story. References have been used and cited accordingly. The Plot On the warm, sunny day of June 27th, the people of a small town gather in the square for the annual lottery. The men are talking about business, the women about households, and the children are gathering piles upon piles of stones. Mrs. Hutchinson arrives just as Mr. Summers, who...