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An detailed analysis of The Arrival of the Bee Box : by Sylvia Plath

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An detailed analysis of The Arrival of the Bee Box : by Sylvia Plath

Category: Persuasive Essay

Subcategory: Poetry

Level: College

Pages: 5

Words: 1375

The arrival of the bee box analysis
The poem “The Arrival of the Bee Box” was written by Sylvia Plath in the year 1962. The poem has seven stanzas that are made of five lines each and an extra line at the end. The author uses the poem to express his frustration about life. The poem uses short lines and the word “I” is recurrent in each stanza. The poem has no repetitive rhyme or metre, but the poem uses metaphors, similes, rhyme and allusion. Let us now look at a detailed analysis of each stanza and line.
The first stanza starts with the line ‘I ordered this, clean wood box’ and goes use other very interesting words in the subsequent lines like the coffin, the midget that could be interpreted in different ways. These words portray a sad mood, a state of anger or bitterness that the author is going through. The use the word “I” in the first line means that it is a self-centred poem. The poem ends with the line ‘were there not such a din in it.’ This is an expression of emptiness by the author. The use of the line “Square as a chair…” is an internal rhyme and the use of “din it in” is the application onomatopoeia.
The second stanza starts with the line ‘the box is locked, it is dangerous.’ An expression that she the author is hopeless about her miseries. She thinks that she is locked in the same space with the bees, and we all know that bees sting. The author uses the word ‘I’ twice in the second and third line. This is yet another indicati…

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